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Adorned in vibrant colours, 'Mirrors' by Hogai inject joy and personality into spaces
The Mirrors collection designed by Hogai
Image: Courtesy of Hogai

Adorned in vibrant colours, 'Mirrors' by Hogai inject joy and personality into spaces

Founded by Patrycja Bruź-Soniewicka, Poland-based studio Hogai crafts a character-filled, steel mirror collection that takes centre stage in any interior setting.

by STIRpad
Published on : Jul 21, 2023

If endowed with vibrancy and amusement, can mirrors improve the mood of individuals and the atmosphere of the spaces they are placed in?

Mirrors, while having a practical purpose of showing us our physical reflections, also provide a metaphorical window into our inner selves, our innermost feelings, ideas, and vulnerabilities. The Mirrors collection conceived by Poland-based design studio Hogai, embodies a vibrant spirit, reflecting its users' individuality. Pops of colour, dynamic shapes, and a playful interplay of straight lines and graceful curves form the personality-filled aesthetic of the mirrors, aligning with the Polish studio’s philosophy of creating a unique and captivating design narrative. “Ultimately, at Hogai, we are driven by the pursuit of beauty and the pure joy that design brings. Our products are an embodiment of this passion, striving to transform interiors into spaces that delight the senses and reflect the bold personality of those who inhabit them. We create bold forms for bold personalities, inviting individuals to express their unique style and make a statement through design,” shares Patrycja Bruź-Soniewicka, the creative director and founder of Hogai.

Deeply intrigued by influential design movements of Bauhaus and Memphis, the studio aims to break free from the monotony of monochromatic furniture designs, objects, and spaces. “While we appreciate the simplicity and elegance of monochromatic interiors, we longed for designs that would invigorate and bring vibrancy to spaces. We were on a quest to find forms that inspire, and colours that come alive, injecting energy and joy into interiors,” shares the Polish designer. The product design studio also draws inspiration from the visual worlds created by iconic filmmakers such as Wes Anderson and Pedro Almodovar, “Their films are a masterful blend of striking colours, captivating forms, and bold expressions. We aim to translate this visual language into our products, infusing them with personality, courage, and character. Our designs are tailored for creative and aesthetically conscious individuals who embrace boldness and uniqueness,” she adds.

The Mirrors collection found genesis within a dream that Bruź-Soniewicka had, of a mirror unlike anything else in the market. “It started with an idea of a mirror that I dreamed of, but could not find it anywhere. I drew it on a piece of paper, even though I can’t draw, and started thinking about how to make it. I then dove into colours and variations, a project like any other. I don’t know when it became a whole collection. I guess we’re all weary of beiges and greys everywhere. I appreciate them as a background, but real life comes alive because of colour. I longed for colour,” she elaborates.

Hogai's mirrors restore the reflective object's status as a piece of modern design>, instead of just being a metal-coated sheet of glass. The mirrors are crafted from steel in order to achieve flexibility and a wide range of colours. A sleek matte finish adorns the mirrors, presenting designs that are a unique blend of modernity, vibrancy, and functionality. “We didn't waver in our determination. We believed in the power of steel, and we knew it was the key to creating a mirror that would surpass all expectations,” Bruź-Soniewicka comments on the collection's chief choice of material.

Bruź-Soniewicka envisions Hogai as a studio that fosters uninhibited creativity. She aims to bring to life, products that not only serve their intended functions but captivate and delight users in the process. Colours are a defining element of the Hogai design DNA, something that the product designer plans to continue exploring with every product she conceives. “Throughout our journey, we learned that nothing worthwhile comes easy. It takes grit, determination, and an unwavering belief in yourself and your vision,” says Bruź-Soniewicka, leaving something for creatives like her who harbour extensive aesthetic needs, to reflect on.

Text by Ria Jha

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