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A Life Extraordinary: Moooi creates phygital cosmos at Milan Design Week 2023
'A Life Extraordinary' by Moooi
Image: Courtesy of Moooi

A Life Extraordinary: Moooi creates phygital cosmos at Milan Design Week 2023

Offering a sensorial explosion, Moooi exhibited tactile experiences including EveryHuman—a custom room-scent experience, powered by AI at Milan Design Week 2023.

by STIRpad
Published on : May 01, 2023

A juxtaposition of the real and digital world was manifested this year at Milan Design Week by Moooi. Staying true to their innovative, provocative and poetic style, the exhibition transcended visitors to a world where design meets innovation and humanity, through A Life Extraordinary—a breathtaking display of avant-garde, multi-sensory designs that harmoniously blend the real and digital worlds. The exhibition at Salone dei Tessuti, Milan featured artificial intelligence-powered olfactory experiences and otherworldly soundscapes. The goal of the lifestyle was to develop an immersive experience that is both—cutting-edge technologically and profoundly intimate. “In a rapidly evolving world of technology, we weave a tapestry of wonder and awe at A Life Extraordinary 2023. Our innovative online and offline designs inspire and connect people on a deeper level, transcending the boundaries of space and time. We invite everyone on this journey of self-discovery as we continue creating a future where technology and humankind enhance and complement each other,” shared Marcel Wanders, the founder and creative director of Moooi.

Preview of the ‘Kisss’ chair by Marcel Wanders

The exhibition introduced Marcel Wander's Kisss Chair—a sneak-peek piece that honours Salvador Dali's famous ‘Mae West Lips’ sofa. The Kisss Chair's captivating, curved chair design tempts one to relax while adding a sense of playful refinement to a space with its surreal and whimsical nature. The fact that many chairs can be combined makes it ideal for any area, no matter how big or tiny. The Kisss Chair is showcased through a number of AI-powered videos, which were produced in association with Magic Factory, and are a monument to the limitless potential of both creativity and technology. In A Life Extraordinary the preview installation of the Kisss Chair was a part of the space called the Kissing Booth. Additionally, The Kissing Booth offered a sneak peek at carpet and wall covering designs with a brand-new signature motif called Coccinella Bella. These forthcoming designs continue to develop on Moooi's tech-driven look, as does the future digital art on show. Notably, the Coccinella Bella motif was produced using artificial intelligence, underscoring Moooi's dedication to cutting-edge design methods.

Moooi presents: Moooi X EveryHuman

The centrepiece of the show, Moooi x EveryHuman, is a custom room scent experience powered by AI. Algorithmic Perfumery, the first platform for public AI scent design, was developed by Netherlands-based EveryHuman. Visitors engage in sensory and spatial exploration to create their distinctive room smell in this updated version of the digital experience and sensory machine. This fragrance is developed on-site, in real-time. The use of technology by Moooi to access uncharted personalisation possibilities for shaping our lives and homes is echoed through Moooi x EveryHuman.

Pallana Light by IDEO

STIR in conversation with Thomas Overthun and Clark Scheffy of IDEO at Milan Design Week 2023 Video: Courtesy of STIR

IDEO's Pallana Light were showcased by Moooi during Milan Design Week 2023. The Pallana Light is a suspended lighting fixture that supports you in the balancing act of daily life. Although the suspended task light's name could imply that the entertainment business served as inspiration, IDEO designers were more motivated by practicality and skilfull engineering for the lighting design. STIR met with Clark Scheffy, Partner and Managing Director at IDEO and Thomas Overthun, Executive Design Director at IDEO, to learn more about the light. "I would describe this light as 'controlled chaos' you can twist these light frames aound and create your own compositions, enabling engagement between the user and the product," shares Overthun. "Pallana is ultimately both, the ideal fusion of use and enjoyment—and is playfully useful," concludes Scheffy.

Knitty lounge chair by Nika Zupanc

The Knitty Lounge Chair by Nika Zupanc was exhibited by Moooi during the design fair. This colossal lounge chair is sure to spark a conversation. A focal point is created from an extra-large yarn that resembles enormous ship ropes. The yarn sports a knitted fabric covering that gives it an unmatched tenderness. The basket weave pattern gives the design texture and tactile feedback, resulting in a distinctive balance of scale and tenderness. This iconic chair design is about the joy of taking ordinary materials and creating something extraordinary out of them, even when it initially seems unattainable.

‘Every day is a spa day’ - Moooi’s Extinct Animal bath collection

During Milan Design Week 2023, Moooi unveiled their brand-new Extinct Animals bath collection. A collection that aims to make your everyday routine a restorative and renewing experience rather than just being about bathroom couture. After a shower or on lazy Sundays, you can wrap yourself in calming comfort with woven jacquard towels, bathrobes, and kimonos made of cotton sateen. With the Extinct Animal bath line, every day is spa day. The patterns in the collection are made from premium fabrics, have outstanding absorption capacity, dry fast, and leave you feeling renewed and invigorated after each use. The towels and bathrobes have a high-low effect jacquard weave that gives your bathroom decor a sense of class and sophistication. The kimono's sateen weave and 100 percent cotton construction feel incredibly smooth and soft against your skin.

Carpet collection by Moooi Carpets

Andrés Reisinger's The Pollination of Hortensia Carpet serves as an example of the strength of change and development, every season, from spring's colourful blossoms through fall's fiery tones. The rug's striking hues and intricate patterns serve as a reminder that life is constantly changing in lovely ways. The series was inspired by Pollen, a piece of digital art by Reisinger. He developed the Pollination of Hortensia carpets as an artist who enjoys being surrounded by natural materials in order to convey the splendour of nature into any home.

Seb Janiak's Mimesis Carpet collection honours the astounding power of mimicry and imitation. Each carpet in the series is a breathtaking investigation of the beauty and intricacy of mimicry, and they are all inspired by the ancient Greek idea of Mimèsis or mimicry. A work of art in its own right, each carpet in the Mimesis Carpet Collection displays the delicate beauty of insect wings that have been converted into flowering flowers.

Moooi's collaboration with Swedish design studio Front

STIR in conversation with Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren of Studio Front at MDW 2023 Video: Courtesy of STIR

The exhibition also showcased a preview installation of the Tubelight, created by the Amsterdam-based design firm BCXSY. The Blow Away vase, a limited edition collection by Studio Front that appears to have been overpowered by a strong wind, its beauty lies in being bent but not broken. Front is the brainchild behind numerous designs in the Moooi collection, such as the Animal Family, Blow Away Vase, and the recently launched Starfall Light. When STIR caught up with pair reveal at the Moooi's experential exhibit space at that the recently launched Starfall Light takes direct inspiration from the starry night sky. "One of our process during the conception of this collection was visiting the forest at night, lay down on the ground and gaze at the stars above. We wanted to create an object that invites the stars home and that's where Starfall was born," shared Sofia Lagerkvist, one-half of the Swedish design studio Front.

Moooi and LG continue collaboration

In partnership with industry leader LG OLED, Moooi once again showcased an elegant fusion of design, lifestyle, and technology for a well-ordered life. The two companies, though in distinct sectors, aim to provide exceptional design to support creative communities. With lifestyle displays bearing the Moooi brand, LG enhanced the multi-sensory component of Moooi's exhibition. Signature Moooi themes have been added to the XBOOM 360 RP4 speakers, Easel televisions, and LG OLED Posé. The rollable television LG OLED R and the mobile Smart Touch Screen LG OLED StanbyME are also included in the exhibition. “Our ongoing collaboration with Moooi is a great example of building extraordinary experiences based on innovation and exquisite design. Infused with Moooi patterns, the LG OLED Objet Collection leaves no place for generic design and enhances the lifestyle of the world's most creative communities,” shared Kate Oh, vice president of LG Home Entertainment Company, brand communication division.

Later this year, Moooi will debut a digital art collection on Nifty Gateway, an online marketplace for digital art and collectibles. Moooi's goal is to realise designers' visions by fostering innovation. The online art community allows Moooi to broaden its platform and fulfil all digital design fantasies. The coexistence and complementarity of the real and digital worlds allow Moooi to explore new creative possibilities and push the limits of design.

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Text by Ria Jha.

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