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5VIE Art and Design to juxtapose design with care, cause, and character
SOLOS: due mondi in dialogo by HyperLab
Image: Courtesy of 5VIE

5VIE Art and Design to juxtapose design with care, cause, and character

The 10th edition of 5VIE Design Week at 5VIE district shines a light on using design as a medium for common good, focusing on innovation and sustainability that is rooted in mutual care for Milan Design Week 2023

by STIRpad
Published on : Mar 15, 2023

Bringing to life the noble thought of 'Design for Good' to life, 5VIE Design Week will showcase an event dedicated to artistic and collectable design, paired with bespoke craftsmanship; where design harmoniously juxtaposes with the fields of art and creativity in Milan’s historical centre, between Corso Magenta, Sant'Ambrogio and Le Colonne di San Lorenzo. The 10th edition of the design event, showcasing from April 17 to 23, 2023 at 5VIE district as part of Milan Design Week 2023, intends to present design as a medium for creating and cultivating deep human connections, focusing on sustainability that is rooted in mutual care. Can design be caring? is the driving force behind the theme for this design exhibition, bringing to fruition immersive installations, surrounding themes of spirituality, connection with nature, relationship with one's historical roots, the drama of incommunicability, and the notion of connection. Faced with the complexities of the present and the challenges of the future, 5VIE Milano aims at emphasising the strength of design in the poetic connection between aesthetics and thoughtfulness. With the title ‘Design for good,’ design transforms into a language capable of constructing a valuable bridge between humans, beyond borders and diversity, rediscovering a fundamentally human dimension.

Can design tap into an intimate and universal good? Using art as a medium to address this question, 5VIE invites international curators, artists, and designers, alongside exhibitions by independent studios, companies, and designers in the district. From percussive sculptures to experiential installations, the design fair highlights the importance of new, just and reasonable design—oriented towards a common good.

5VIE Productions

5VIE also shapeshifts as a cultural producer, with productions that represent moments of reflection on the art of discipline—where artists, designers and curators dive deeper into an aspect of the theme established. This year, too, international creatives are presenting their own interpretations, like Maria Cristina Didero who has curated ‘A Future for the Past’, a project by On entropy as a tribute to the precious heritage of the marble of Tinos and the evolution of the typical craftsmanship of this Greek island, reflecting on the changes in society, over the years, through a 'cabinet de curiosité.' ‘Chronic Pain Orchestra’ by Swiss artist Johannes Willi is an installation inviting viewers to confront the corporeal dimension of relationships, the urgency to communicate and the ability of art to transform pain into beauty, through a set of percussive sculptures. ‘Silent Hollows’ a project by Lebanese designer Richard Yasmine showcases the intrinsic qualities and innate dispositions of mother nature through an installation enhanced by an immersive virtual reality, linking the physical to the immaterial through an innovative application of artificial intelligence. ‘Human Mandala’ a project by Sara Ricciardi manifests as a celebration of the interconnectedness of human beings through a series of real human bodies arranged in a circular mandala formation, with each individual naked and vulnerable, but connected to the others through a network of root-like structures like a mycelial organism. ‘Prendete e Mangiate’ is a group exhibition, curated by Sara Bologna set around a table with art and design objects drawing visitors to exchange food and words as nourishment for body and mind with performative interventions and talks.

5VIE Partnership

‘Arts&Crafts&Design’ at Palazzo Litta, a project of Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte will present five exhibitions dedicated to the dialogue between know-how and design thinking by bespoke artists and designers. ‘From the silence’ a project of T12 Lab e Laboratorio Silenzio in collaboration with Fondazione Istituto Buon Pastore is a social design project that is initiated by involving a community of adolescents, both capable and incapable of hearing, in order to raise awareness on deafness, taking the viewer into a dimension of shared silence. ‘Ill at ease’—design and digital art on wheels curated by Caterina Taurelli Salimbeni e Luisa Ausenda is an itinerant combining furniture design and digital art in an experimental approach, where the viewer is invited to interact with the physical and virtual creations. ‘DOPO?’ a recently opened cultural centre in the Corvetto district, will underline the importance of the dialogue between the centre and the suburbs that presents Italian collectable design.

The District

Maneuvering through a journey of creative expression in design that forays into intricate craftsmanship and art, discovering hidden courtyards and medieval streets, with Roman ruins and sumptuous palaces, forms the core of the 5VIE district. The district's emphasis on multidisciplinary design practices elevates it to international status. From textile art to furniture design 5VIE showcases riveting projects and installations by multidisciplinary artists.

Alberto Levi Gallery: Across the Board by Jan Kath

Alberto Levi Gallery presents three collections of carpet designs, created in collaboration with architect and interior designer Clara Bona who has ventured into carpet design for the first time. The gallery will also showcase a selection of the most significant textile artworks from carpet designer Jan Kath's latest collections, presenting an exclusive insight into the world of contemporary carpet design.

Annabel Karim Kassar presents: Le Salon d’Annabel

French-Lebanese architect and designer Annabel Karim Kassar will take up residence in the 5VIE Design Week, on occasion of Milan Furniture Fair, combining influences from the Middle East with her distinctive handling of textures and patterns to create colourful bespoke furniture design and lighting design. Within Kassar's universe at 5VIE, visitors will find hand-painted wallpapers incorporating the designer's artistic imprint, bold acrylic trays, fabric-upholstered lighting and an extravagant collection of vinyl cushions among other works.

Elias Van Orshaegen & Daan de Wit

Belgian designers Elias Van Orshaegen and Daan De Wit will present themselves for Milan Design Week with a collective exhibition. Driven by a passion for experimentation and exploration, they use design as a medium of expression and communication. A shared vision to create work that is both aesthetic and narrative, channelling different materials, techniques and approaches, they set up a dialogue between their personal visions.

Giopato&Coombes present: 18 Pockets

An immersive exhibition offering a journey through six years of research. Inspired by the poem Il Cosario- which narrates how valuable objects collected over the years are timeless emotional activators. The Italian-British designers' pocket of memories is imagined as an immersive wunderkammer in which the brand's iconic elements flow into the exhibition space. Choral experimentation was done with light to recognize components from previous collections in fascinating new combinations.

Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council presents: Recipes for the Future

This exhibition is the first step in Irthi’s research into the idea of recipe as a design concept, from which emerges an incessant cultural dialogue between East and West, and between craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics. Recipes have been used as alchemical formulas for processing ingredients from the realms of construction and food. Design can be a significant driver in raising awareness of craft preservation, while also focusing on local issues such as cultural heritage, cultural identity, and sustainability. Students delved into a series of urban mappings of various environments in the UAE, uncovering indigenous materials, local architecture methods and local crafts to create recipes for construction. Studiopepe and the creative duo Casalinghe di Tokyo, will also participate in the exhibition by exploring the culture and gastronomic heritage of these territories.

JCP universe presents: META-PHYSICAL by Eliseo H. Zubiri

The meta-physical installation marks the expansion of the revolutionary design brand into the virtual world through the construction of its first proprietary metaverse and the creation of furniture products in the form of NFT. A true world, or rather an immaterial universe, born from the original creative vision of Argentinean digital artist Eliseo H. Zubiri and orchestrated by the multifaceted creative direction of CTRLZAK Studio. Within this universe, a selection of fifteen objects is transformed into NFT and animated to reveal their deeper nature.

Arakawa &Co. presents: Less, Light, Local - The NORI Project

Japan-based company Arakawa will showcase an exploration of the future of algae through Arakawa Grip technology. It established itself with the launch of the revolutionary locking mechanism 'Arakawa Grip,' a long and hollow suspension device for shop displays, living and work spaces, parapets and avant-garde systems for hanging pictures in galleries and art museums.

Archilab studio: Fata reflexion + I MUST SLEEP, PLEASE!

MAAB Gallery hosts the work of Archilab studio, with a collection of lamp designs against the backdrop of Susanne Kutter's exhibition: I MUST SLEEP, PLEASE! With unique and numbered pieces, made to order and produced by the studio’s creative craftsmen.

Maison Matisse in collaboration with Faye Toogood

Maison Matisse has invited British artist and designer Faye Toogood to interpret the Chinese black ink on white paper artworks from Henri Matisse's book Dessins: Thèmes et Variations. With the new TKTK collection, the designer pays homage to originality and freedom, expressed in Matisse's drawings. Famous for her fun and playful shapes, such as the iconic Roly Poly chair, Toogood is inspired by the purity of the artist's ink drawings, resulting in her first collaboration with Maison Matisse: a collection of furniture for the living room or bedroom, that is strong and delicate at the same time.

The Prism by Stefano Simontacchi

In the evocative spaces of a former bank, features a project exhibition where the visitor becomes the protagonist of an experiential path that through portals of shamanic art, guides them to a true rebirth, a prelude to the rediscovery and redefinition of the self. The physics of the soul takes shape with forms and colours to be traversed in solitude to reconnect with one's inner world.

5VIE is committed to research and dissemination of best practices related to sustainability, circular economy, and social innovation. They pose contingent challenges to design practices, relaying that they must not remain indifferent, and should rather translate urgency into an opportunity. Through this design event innovation and sustainability are confronted, keeping in mind the value of ‘Design for good.’

5VIE Design week will be showcased from April 17 to 23, 2023, at Milan’s historic district between Corso Magenta, Sant'Ambrogio and Le Colonne di San Lorenzo as part of Milan Design Week 2023

Text by Ria Jha

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