15 artists curate The Landscape of the Soul exhibition at Glasshouse Helsinki
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15 artists curate The Landscape of the Soul exhibition at Glasshouse Helsinki

by STIRpad
Published on : Nov 11, 2021

The Landscape of the Soul exhibition is comprised of work created by 15 different artists. Through paintings, photographs, video art, ceramics and textiles, they express their inner world reflected in their imagination, dreams and memories. The exhibition is curated and produced in collaboration with Glasshouse Helsinki.

The exhibition deals with the universal topic of how to face the world around us and at the same time find its connection to our inner thoughts. How to live in an instant and look far away dreamed of by dreams? Where does the totality of thought arise, from which the image that forms the soul of our landscape?

The Landscape of the Soul can be a landscape of misty forests and sea waves. It can be palpable pain on rough surfaces or the joy of being born again. Maybe a drawn line that is devoid of letters and words but still readable, in some abstract language. Equally, the landscape can have everyday truth, its true values, and confidence in the future. The landscape of the soul lives in each of us differently, our own. Let the landscape be allowed to attach, change and live. The landscape in us and in front of us.

Artists / Konstnärer: Henna Aho, Sophia Ehrnrooth, Lauri Eriksson, Marianne Huotari, Pan Jianfeng, Meeri Koutaniemi, Veera Kulju, Eva Lamppu, Aura Latva-Somppi, Sonja Löfgren-Birch, Mari Paikkari, Pekka Paikkar, Kerttu Saali, Teemu Salonen, Saija Starr

About Glasshouse Helsinki

Glasshouse Helsinki was born from the idea of platform, where the disciplines of art, design fashion and material science merge with companies acting for responsible growth. Incubating different actors, from different fields and from scale of sustainable businesses, can create interactions and alternative opportunities for all parties. Rethinking the consumption and new innovations in the areas of circular economy and will support the resilience of the nature. There is a moment of being part of the solution in the crisis. Being responsible for the meaningful interactions.


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