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‘11:11’ celebrates the established and emerging at London Design Festival 2023
(L-R) ‘Lupita’ lounge chair by Mariangel Talamas Leal; ‘Periscope’ rug by A Rum Fellow; ‘BUTW’ floor lamp, (‘Barking Up The Wrong’ floor lamp) by Charlotte Kingsnorth; ‘Xia, Yu, Xie’ by Woo Jin Joo
Image: Courtesy of B J Deakin Photography

‘11:11’ celebrates the established and emerging at London Design Festival 2023

Jan Hendzel Studio curates an exhibition that bridges the gap between established luminaries and emerging creatives, at the Southwark Design District during LDF 2023.

by Pooja Suresh Hollannavar
Published on : Sep 19, 2023

Curated by Jan Hendzel Studio for Staffordshire St, the 11:11 exhibition is a captivating showcase of design and craft excellence. Located in the vibrant Southwark Design District of London, it is on show at the London Design Festival 2023, from September 14 - 24, 2023. The exhibition's name, 11:11, draws inspiration from New Age and numerological beliefs, where 11:11 is considered a powerful sign of spiritual significance, a magical set of numbers symbolising synchronicity, chance, new beginnings, and opportunities for growth. This concept sets the stage for an exhibition that blends the established and emerging talents of the UK's creative scene, unfolding at the design fair.

Jan Hendzel is a renowned furniture designer known for working with reclaimed and locally sourced timber. He employs 11:11 at the design festival to bring together 22 designers, split evenly between celebrated veterans and emerging talents. Hendzel's unique curatorial approach was to invite each established creative to select an up-and-coming designer from Southwark, South London through an open call. This faceted collaboration ensures that the design exhibition is not just a display of existing talents, but a synergic platform for the growth and recognition of emerging ones.

The 11 established designers participating in the 11:11 exhibition include A Rum Fellow, Alison Crowther, Charlotte Kingsnorth, Daniel Schofield, Grain & Knot, Jan Hendzel Studio, Martino Gamper, Novocastrian, Raw Edges, Sedilia, Simone Brewster and Raw Edges. The 11 emerging designers comprise Alison Adler, Carl Koch, Dominic McHenry, Jacob Marks, Mariangel Talamas Leal, Moss, Silje Loa, Söder Studio, Unu Sohn, William Waterhouse and Woo Jin Joo.

The array of design disciplines on display is impressive, ranging from ceramics and textiles to woodworking and jewellery designs. With names such as Simone Brewster, Martino Gamper, and Charlotte Kingsnorth among the established designers, there is a truly diverse and captivating range of work on display. These celebrated professionals were tasked with choosing their emerging counterparts, and the result is a harmonious blend of diverse experience, innovation, and aesthetics.

One of the standout pairings at the exhibition at LDF 2023 is between A Rum Fellow and Mariangel Talamas Leal, a designer who recently graduated with an MA in furniture design from Central Saint Martins. Leal's sculptural product designs, such as the 'Lupita' lounge chair and 'Carmen' side table, are a testament to her unique blend of emotion, identity, and visual impact. She draws inspiration from her Mexican-Palestinian heritage, infusing her work with a rich cultural narrative.

On the other hand, Grain + Knot, a woodworking studio founded by Sophie Sellu, an established maker, presents a selection of functional and sculptural designs created from storm-fallen and reclaimed timber. Sellu's choice from the open call, Jacob Marks, has made a name for himself with his innovative use of pine resin. His 'Pina Lamp I' and 'Pina Lamp II' are inventive lighting designs that demonstrate the renewable, carbon-negative, and biodegradable design attributes of the employed material.

The diversity of the artists and product designers presented as part of the 11:11 exhibition is a testament to the rich tapestry of creative talent in Southwark and South London. It is not just a celebration of design; it is a celebration of the vibrant local community that contributes to London's creative design identity. Relatedly, 11:11 is not just an exhibition; it is an experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional design. While embodying the spirit of London Design Festival 2023, 11:11 aims to inspire, challenge, and celebrate the world of design at large. As Hendzel aptly puts it, "We want to celebrate what's great about design—and for us, that is putting the emerging stars in with the established makers."

The exhibition's location within the Southwark Design District adds another layer of significance. This district has become synonymous with innovation, creativity, and design excellence. It is the perfect backdrop for an exhibition that celebrates the fusion of tradition and innovation, experience, and youth. As part of the London Design Festival 2023, 11:11 is a must for anyone passionate about design. It is a visual feast that showcases the power of collaboration, the beauty of craftsmanship, and the boundless potential of design.

‘11:11’ is on display from September 14 - 24, 2023, at the Staffordshire St Gallery in Peckham, part of the Southwark Design District in South East London SE15 5TJ, UK.

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