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10 International galleries on our radar at the 11th edition of Salon Art + Design
Exhibits from the Salon Art + Design
Image: Courtesy of Salon Art + Design

10 International galleries on our radar at the 11th edition of Salon Art + Design

Marking the participation of over 51 galleries and design partners, the fair will host showcases from Holster Burrows, Opera Gallery, and Christina Grajales, among others.

by Ayushi Mathur
Published on : Nov 01, 2022

Salon Art + Design is all set to return to New York City, United States for its 11th edition. The illustrious art and design event will be on view from November 10, to November 14, 2022 at the Park Avenue Armory, New York. The design fair organised with the sponsored support of Sanford L. Smith + Associates, will witness the participation of over 50 international galleries that are set to exhibit the world’s leading vintage, modern and contemporary designs along with some blue-chip 20th century artworks. The art and design fair will host multiple discourses, exhibitions, installations and on-site discussions through its five-day course.

Over the decade, Salon Art + Design has evolved into the focal point of New York’s Fall arts calendar, inviting viewers to experience, collect and discuss art and design through all its facets. Its 10th edition marked the first major fair post the Covid-19 pandemic, and now, Salon Art + Design will be returning in full capacity, inviting visitors from the Netherlands, Germany, France, China, Egypt, Belgium, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Spain among others. Among the exhibitors will be David Gill Gallery, Hostler Burrows, Gallery FUMI, Gallery Scene Ouverte, Moderne Gallery and many more.

STIR brings to you a mix of exhibiting art and design galleries all set to festoon the design fair…

Wexler Gallery

Valerie Campos presents Rhapsody in Pink, 2022, an oil painting on canvas with the Wexler Gallery
Valerie Campos presents Rhapsody in Pink, 2022, an oil painting on canvas with the Wexler Gallery Image: Courtesy of Wexler Gallery

Lewis Wexler and Sherri Apter Wexler established the Wexler Gallery in the historic Old City district of Philadelphia in 2000 and later expanded it to New York City. An iconic platform for multimedia art and design, the gallery is known for challenging traditional labels and exhibiting artworks across disciplines and testing the boundaries of fine arts, craft, and design. The gallery is also known for promoting different artists and industrial designers by platforming their works that exist between functionality and aesthetics and push innovative boundaries. For Salon Art + Design, Wexler will be exhibiting fine artist Valerie Campos’ experiments in oil titled Rhapsody in Pink, Jomo Tariku’s Nyala Chair, Rodney Lawrence and Igor Bernardes’ Rogi Chair, Trish DeMasi’s Lamella Vessel, Rosemary Hallgarten’s Asymmetric shearling rug and Jan Yoor’s dramatic Vintage Tapestry among others.

Todd Merril Studio

Exhibits from Todd Merrill’s display at the Salon Art + Design 2022
Exhibits from Todd Merrill’s display at the Salon Art + Design 2022 Image: Courtesy of Todd Merrill Gallery

Presenting a dynamic display of modern design, contemporary fine art and design gallery Todd Merrill Studio will be participating for the sixth time. Their exhibition is centered on the juxtaposition of contrasting materials and textural surfaces and comprises lighting and furniture design pieces fabricated using sleek lacquered finishes, cast bronze, moulded paper, natural wood and luminous transparent resin. Designers from across the world including designer duo— Draga & Aurel, Jamie Harris and gallery artists—Markus Haase and Alex Roskin will exhibit their studio experimentations and meticulous craftsmanship to create an illustrious visual for the gallery.

For Todd Merrill’s exposition, Draga & Aurel will showcase products from their recent capsule collection Transparency Matters that identifies the importance of transparency and minimalism in art and design. Alex Roskin’s Tusk Chair will reflect the contemporary artist’s penchant for organic ideation and animality in form. Markus Haase will present his voguish group of lighting designs titled The Circle Series that employ fresh and innovative design techniques and Jamie Harris’ glass sculptures Infusion Blocks will exhibit the artist’s abilities that are rooted in capturing the alchemy and activity of glass making. Along with the exhibiting artists, Todd Merrill Studio will also display their Custom Original Tufted S-Curve Sectional sofa.

The Future Perfect

Oro Dining Table by Chris Wolston
Oro Dining Table by Chris Wolston Image: Courtesy of the Future Perfect Gallery

Future Perfect, a contemporary design gallery based in the United States will be exhibiting a creative display at Salon Art + Design with their presentation of Chris Wolston’s Oro Dining Table. The gallery supports designers from across the globe by offering them a platform that promotes sculptural experiments in design. Founded in 2003 by David Alhadeff, the gallery operates from multiple locations in the United States and regularly showcases studio works and limited edition pieces. For the event, the gallery will be presenting Brooklyn-based designer Chris Wolston’s thoughtfully conceptualised and whimsically fabricated Oro dining table, that will enable a shifting perspective towards sculpting functional furniture pieces.

R & Company

Katie Stout’s Slab Vases in glazed ceramic
Katie Stout’s Slab Vases in glazed ceramic Image: Courtesy of Joe Kramm

New York-based gallery R & Company will be showcasing a selection of new and distinct objects by iconic designers such as Rogan Gregory, Dana Barnes, Jolie Ngo, Katie Stout, and Jeff Zimmerman, among others. Spearheading the curated displays are Katie Stout’s ceramic Slab Vessels that feature her precise technical skills and singular approach to translating the visual vocabulary of art and design into dynamic design forms. Dana Barnes’s experiments in wool will be on display with her Retold series, where the artist narrates the rich history of Persian carpet-making with a contemporary twist. Rogan Gregory’s sculptural furniture pieces inspired by organic forms in a rigid, rectilinear world, will also be displayed alongside other works.

Gallery All

A Million Times presented by Gallery All
A Million Times presented by Gallery All Image: Courtesy of Gallery All

Los-Angeles-based internationally acclaimed, Gallery All will be presenting a group show for the design fairthat will feature leading artists- Zeng Peng, Humans Since 1982, Zhipeng Tan, Anotherview, George Sellers and Daishi Luo. On display will be the sculptural series titled, Memory Distortion by Chinese artist Zhipeng Tan of Studio Buzao that explores the elastic boundaries of conventional product design and studies the art of design in visual and spatial fields. Anotherview, an iconic art studio will present a perceptive 24-hour window into different ‘views’ from across the world while offering a temporal and spatial displacement in the form of contemporary nostalgia. Accompanying other exhibitors through Gallery All, Humans 1982, a German design studio will converge the fields of art, design and technology through their Corian art pieces.

Galerie Yves Gastou

Loup (Wolf) bench (left) and Personnage Cubiste (right)
Loup (Wolf) bench (left) and Personnage Cubiste (right) Image: Courtesy of Galerie Yves Gastou

Based in Paris, France, Galerie Yves Gastou specialises in the curation and display of decorative furniture and sculptures from the 1940s to 1970s. Celebrating timeless sculptures, the gallery will be showcasing iconic Japanese artist Setsuko Ideta’s daughter Harumi Klossowska de Rola’s Loup (Wolf) bench. Like most of her works, the Loup (Wolf) bench is a figurative adaptation of a functional object enriched through time. Furthermore, Béatrice Serre’s vibrant Theodora Witch mirror, Jean Touret’s sculptural idol Personnage Cubist and Raphaël’s Set of 4 chairs from 1962 will also be displayed.

Galerie Chastel-Merechal

Jean Royere’s Ondulation displayed by Galerie Chastel-Merchal
Jean Royere’s Ondulation displayed by Galerie Chastel-Merchal Image: Galerie Chastel-Merchal

Established by Aline Chastel, Galerie Chastel-Merchal’s personal and niche selection reflects the gallery’s history and atmosphere. This selection will be staged by French architect Jean de Piepape at the 11th edition of Salon Art+ Design in a refined and elegant way and will feature Jean Royère’s Ondulation gueridon table and the Serpentine chandelier. Apart from this, three iconic pieces by French interior designer Jean-Michel Frank, secured from Edward James’ collection, Sponsor of the Surrealist along with an opulent pair of armchairs and selected works of STIRworld by Line Vautrin and ceramist Georges Jouve will also be displayed.

Friedman Benda

The Monopole Sideboard
The Monopole Sideboard Image: Courtesy of Friedman Benda

Committed to a critical view of design history and its advances, Friedman Benda identifies art and design through an intersection of fine arts, cutting-edge technological research, craft, architecture, and creative impulses. The gallery based in New York promotes and supports the synthesis of creative thinkers and makers by providing them with a globally renowned platform for their works. For Salon Art + Design 2022, Friedman Benda will exhibit Nigerian artist Ebitenyefa Baralaye’s Akanza VIII stoneware, Andrea Branzi’s Lamp designed using Japanese ring paper, Chilean studio Gt2P’s Monopole Sideboard and American artist Misha Kahn’s Spaghettification: Tested by Throwing Against Wall sculpture along with other important art pieces.

Cristina Grajales

The Polumbo Trees and the Dagdelen Chairs
The Polumbo Trees and the Dagdelen Chairs Image: Courtesy of Cristina Grajales Gallery

Cristina Grajales has espoused authenticity, craftsmanship, and innovation in the work she represents. She fosters a greater understanding and interest globally as the design field grows from a specialised niche for a handful of collectors to a vital form of contemporary articulation. Cristina Grajales gallery will be participating at the design fair with a highly curated exposition of works by Christophe Côme, Gloria Cortina, Betil Dagdelen, Firooz Zahedi, Mark Grattan, Paul Hayes, and Randy Polumbo among others.

Galerie Negropontes

Exhibits by Galerie Negropontes
Exhibits by Galerie Negropontes Image: Courtesy of Galerie Negropontes

Galerie Negropontes from Paris, through its curated display fosters a dialogue between classicism and modernity. Though the gallery initially focused on highlighting French decorative artworks, they now represent and display artworks and sculptural furniture pieces from diverse creative backgrounds. Galerie Negropontes, has through its course managed to seamlessly erase the fictitious distinction between artisans and artists, and merge creative art with contemporary design. For the design fair, the French gallery will be hosting works of Éric de Dormael, Erwan Boulloud, Jean-Christophe Malaval Rometti, Perrin & Perrin and Gianluca Pacchioni.

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