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10 booths at Art Dubai 2022 that are exhibiting exemplary contemporary art
Paola Pivi, I know you want it, 2019 Perrotin
Image: Courtesy of Art Dubai

10 booths at Art Dubai 2022 that are exhibiting exemplary contemporary art

Art Dubai 2022 has commenced at Madinat Jumeriah this weekend, presenting over 100 galleries from around the world.

by STIRpad
Published on : Mar 12, 2022

Over a hundred different galleries and exhibitors are currently presenting their work at the international art fair, Art Dubai this weekend from the 11th to the 13th of March. With their largest edition yet, HH Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum is hosting Art Dubai at the 40-acre luxury township of Madinat Jumeriah. Under the patronage of the UAE Prime Minister, the art fair has been the largest event celebrating artists and galleries from the MENASA (Middle East North Africa South Asia) region for the past 15 years. This year’s event is bigger than ever with over a 100 galleries showcasing their work from over 44 different countries, with over a third of the exhibitors having the tremendous opportunity of presenting their work for the first time.

The fair commenced on the 11th of March with a bang with powerful demonstrations of some of the best new work in the world of contemporary art. Art Dubai is UAE prime art incubator and launchpad, having given a platform to multiple artists from around the world has created its own art ecology. This year’s art exhibition has been influenced by global factors from the pandemic, political unrest in many countries and sociological problems that arose along with it. Galleries like ATHR present artworks by different Saudi and Palestinian contemporary artists, while a few galleries have presented works by internationally acclaimed artists like Daniel Arsham, Ian Davenport, Nick Brandt, Laurent Grasso, Bibi Zogbe and more. Here are some of the booths one shouldn’t miss when at Art Dubai this weekend.

Maharem by Ayman Yossri Image: Courtesy of Athr Gallery
ATHR Gallery, Saudi Arabia

Athr Gallery has been at the forefront of the Saudi Arabia art scene since 2009, valuing experimentation in art and allowing artists to create their own stories and personal styles synonymous with art from the Middle East. Athr presents works by Ahmed Mater, Dana Awartani, Ayman Yossri, Farah Behbahani and Muhannad Shono. Maharem by Ayman Yossri stands out by using tissue boxes, which are typically used by middle class families in the Middle East, as the canvas. The tissue boxes are adorned with gold and velvet juxtaposing the inherently middle class object with luxury finishes. Enamoured with artwork inspired by Egyptian movie prints, Maharem stands out with its bright colours and sampling different styles that have helped shape and raise the Yossri.

Sheet sculpture by Daniel Arsham Image: Courtesy of Daniel Arsham

Perrotin was established in Paris in the early 1990s and over a span of 33 years, has managed to open an array of galleries across the world. With the expansion of their gallery, also came the expansion of their mission. Whilst taking part in 20 art fairs a year, they also manage to hold panel discussions and educational workshops for children. Perrotin is presenting work by Daniel Arsham, Gregor Hildebrandt, Lee Bae, Paola Pivi, Jean-Philippe Delhomme, JR, Izumi Kato, Johan Creten and Xiyao Wang. The new work that Arsham is presenting is a series of sculptures that is very much in sync with its surroundings. Arsham’s latest work is heavily inspired by audio and technical equipment from the pre Y2K era, such as the sculpture of a Gibson guitar enveloped in white fabric and the destroyed TV box set sculpture. His work also stays true to his usual artistic style being that they are all subjects that are widely known and so the observer feels more connected to the art piece.

Cobalt, Turquoise and Quinacrodine Rose by Ian Davenport Image: Courtesy of Art Dubai
Custot Gallery, Dubai

Custot Gallery opened in Dubai in 2016, the second addition to the London gallery by French gallerist, Stephane Custot. Custot Gallery represents global artists from the UK and Europe and is exhibiting contemporary art by Etel Adnan, Fernando Botero, Ian Davenport, Marc Quinn, Tony Cragg, Sophia Vari, Fabienne Verdier, Nick Brandt, Arnaud Rivieren and Richard Hoglund. Davenport’s presented work, ‘Cobalt, Turquoise and Quinacrodine Rose’ a bright rainbow-like artwork trickles down with the multiple streams of colours mixing and swirling at the bottom of the canvas creating a near psychedelic atmosphere.

Baroque Window by Sandra Del Pilar Image: Courtesy of Art Dubai
Zilberman Gallery, Turkey

The Istanbul based gallery has morphed a strong international reputation for itself in the space of contemporary art. Zilberman Gallery with a gallery in Berlin has helped bridge the gap between Middle Eastern and European art through various exhibitions and collaborations. Works by Carlos Aires and Sandra Del Pilar presented at the booth are a must-see. Del Pilar’s work with oil paints leaves the canvas with translucence and sensitivity, creating deeply emotive visuals that explore the human spirit.

Ana Kwa Ana by Cyrus Kabiru Image: Courtesy of Cyrus Kabiru
Akka Project, Dubai

Akka Project is a famous platform that promotes African art presents works by Kelechi Nwaneri, Cyrus Kabiru, Boniface Maina and Charles Bhebe. With spaces in both Dubai and Venice. Akka Project will be representing upcoming artists at this year’s Art Dubai Fair. Kenyan artist Cyrus Kabiru presents his intricate wearable design that takes inspiration from tribal African crafts and uses it to create intricate and visually stunning structures.

How to Perform a Lift by Modupeola Fadugba Image: Courtesy of Modupeola Fadugba
Gallery 1957, Ghana

Celebrating Ghana’s independence and art, Gallery 1957 was founded in 2016. Having grown to over 4 gallery spaces, three in Accra, Ghana and one in London. Art Dubai, Gallery 1957 has presented the works of Nigerian multi-media artist Modupeola Fadugba. Modupeola Fadugba’s work is a reflection of her multi-cultural life and childhood where she grew up in Nigeria, the United States and England. Contemplating her fears and inner self, Fadugba’s work revolves around the themes of multiculturalism and femininity.

Tiger in Blue by Farhad Farzaliyev Image: Courtesy of Farhad Farzaliyev and Gazelli Art House
Gazelli Art House, Azerbaijan

Founded in 2010 by Mila Askarova, Gazelli Art house has been showcasing artists at the top of their careers and present their work through new contexts to new audiences. With spaces in London and Baku, Azerbaijan, Gazelli Art House has been s spokesperson for art from the middle east, connecting the rich history, religion and cultural ties from the region to the global art world. Gazelli Art House is presenting the works of artists Agil Abdullayev, Naqsh Collective, Farhad Farzaliyev, Aida Mahmudova, and Aidan Salakhova. Tiger in Blue by Azerbaijani artist Farhad Farzaliyev takes the pagan animal that symbolises masculinity and reworks the archetypes and structures of the animal.

Anahita by Catalina Swinburn Image: Courtesy of Selma Feriani Gallery
Selma Feriani Gallery, Tunisia

Selma Feriani Gallery from Tusia, Tunisia has been promoting art from the MENA region since its conception in 2013. The gallery has a concentrated effort to support and uplift upcoming artists, help nurture their careers and push contemporary artists and art forward. Selma Feriani is presenting works by Elena Damiani, Pascal Hachem, Mohamed Hamidi, Yann Lacroix, Maha Malluh and Catalina Swinburn at Art Dubai 2022. A standout piece by Catalina Swinburn is the paper woven tapestry titled ‘Anahita’. The material used is from recycled papers that document the Persian-Roman floor mosaics from the palace of Shapur I at Bushapur, celebrating the rich artistic history of the region. With its multicoloured print, created from the miniature imagery that once existed on the paper, Swinburn’s work encompasses middle age aesthetics into a contemporary piece of art.

Inch by Keti Kapanadze Image: Courtesy of Gallery Artbeat
Gallery Artbeat, Georgia

Gallery Artbeat is based in Tbilisi, Georgia and mainly represents artists that are emerging and more obscure. This gallery’s presence is heavily felt in the international art scene and their goal is to be as supportive as they can towards their artists amidst their own respective journeys. Gallery Artbeat is presenting the works of Maia Naveriani, John Riepenhoff and Keti Kapanadze. Being that this gallery’s international presence is so prominent, they feel the responsibility to contribute and have managed to do so at Art Dubai. A quarter of their ticketing sales is being donated to Ukrainian refugees. They also showed their support by covering the booth with the flag of Ukraine in quiet protest.

A piece from Radical Writings by Irma Blank Image: Courtesy of P420 Gallery
P420, Italy

P420, established in Bologna, Italy is a gallery that reaches out and collaborates with its artists directly. In order to appropriately demonstrate the ongoing relevance of different languages, P420 tends to focus on languages in varying time periods. P420 is presenting works by Irma Blank, Adelaide Cioni and Pieter Vermeersch. Irma Blank is presenting a particularly interesting series, called ‘Radical Writings.’ This series revolves around interpersonal relations whether it be between two human beings, birth and death or the beginning and the end.

Art Dubai will be held from 11 March 2022 to 13 March 2022 at Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai. Preview on 9 and 10 March 2022.

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