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Vikram Goyal explores India's cultural heritage through design
Thar bar cabinet
Image: Courtesy of Nilufar Gallery

Vikram Goyal explores India's cultural heritage through design

Vikram Goyal's collection at Milan Design Week 2024, showcased by Nilufar Gallery, boasted the mastery of metalwork and Indian heritage techniques.

by Nilufar Gallery
Published on : May 20, 2024

On the occasion of his second edition with Milan-based gallery Nilufar, designer Vikram Goyal showcased collectible design pieces that essay the mastery of metalwork at his New Delhi-based workshop at Milan Design Week 2024 as part of the art gallery's Time Traveler exhibition at the design event. His work of limited-edition pieces includes furniture designs, such as consoles and benches, as well as lighting designs like chandeliers and wall sconces, all carefully handcrafted by expert artisans, inspired by Indian craftsmanship. Each object explores a range of heritage techniques in metalwork that have been practised in India from as early as the third or fourth century BC, including 'Repoussé', the art of the process of hammering metal into relief from the reverse; a technique deeply ingrained in the studio’s visual language.

For over two decades, Goyal and his team of skilled artisans have been continually experimenting with craftsmanship through the mastery of techniques including 'Repoussé', 'Pietra dura' and hollowed joinery. He has developed an abstract sophistication and contemporary design language, often infusing his work with modern interpretations of Indian culture, traditions, narratives and philosophies. "This second edition is a reflection of our continued effort to share about India’s vast design and art heritage through our lens in collectible design," the product designer shares.

The Archimedes’ Chandelier merges lighting and sculpture, boasting a dramatic and dynamic foundation. Crafted with meticulous precision from brass, the piece features hollow metal forms twisted into an illusion of endless loops. The Thar bar cabinet showcases cut brass ripples reminiscent of the Thar desert's dunes, adorning a modern bar cabinet with a mosaic surface meticulously shaped to complement its framework. Golden Arc, a versatile piece serving as a console, bench or seat, stands out in its patinated gold finish, embodying a new design language for the studio, characterised by intersecting surfaces, graceful arches and stately columns. Picasso’s Quartet, one of four captivating wall sconces and sculptures, boasts a patinated gold finish and Cubism-inspired geometric shapes, adding a striking artistic dimension to any space.

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