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Through 'Unspoken Wars' AKKA Project challenges perceptions through narratives
Mário Macilau, Untitled, 2023, Fine Art Archival Print on Hahnemuhle 310grs, 100% cotton rag paper
Image: Copyright Mário Macilau, Photo credits Mário Macilau, Courtesy of AKKA Project

Through 'Unspoken Wars' AKKA Project challenges perceptions through narratives

The exhibition featuring works by Mário Macilau and Nahom Teklehaimanot aims to unravel hidden narratives and foster empathy through art, parallel to the Venice Art Biennale 2024. 

by AKKA Project
Published on : Mar 14, 2024

AKKA Project, a commercial gallery and project space committed to nurturing cross-cultural artistic exchange, is proud to announce the upcoming exhibition, Unspoken Wars, featuring artists Mário Macilau and Nahom Teklehaimanot, set to open on April 18 till June 8, 2024, coinciding with the 60th edition of the Venice Art Biennale. 

In an era inundated with a barrage of images and headlines, Unspoken Wars ventures beyond the surface to delve into the narratives of silent battles, particularly within Africa. While conflicts dominate media coverage, the voices of millions trapped in perpetual turmoil often remain unheard. This art exhibition aims to amplify these voices, providing a platform for perspectives rarely showcased by mainstream media.

At its core, Unspoken Wars seeks to unravel the complexities of global conflicts, shedding light on underlying causes often overshadowed by sensationalism. Western perceptions, tainted by fears of the unknown, normally overlook the economic battles waged by neo-colonial powers, such as the China-US rivalry. These conflicts, while pivotal on the global stage, frequently escape public scrutiny.

Through the lens of Mário Macilau and the brushstrokes of Nahom Teklehaimnot, this show endeavours to unveil these hidden narratives, offering insights that transcend conventional discourses. Drawing from their experiences and unique perspectives, the artists play a vital role in crystallising stories, information, and data that evade mainstream attention.

In conclusion, the AKKA Project is proud to present Unspoken Wars as a platform for dialogue and reflection, concurrently with the Venice Art Biennale 2024 bearing the significant title Foreigners Everywhere. The art gallery aims to ignite conversations about the silenced voices and missed narratives within global wars. The exhibition invites visitors to confront the uncomfortable truths of our world, challenging preconceptions and fostering empathy for those affected by ongoing struggles. Through the power of art, AKKA Project aims to spark meaningful conversations and inspire action towards a more inclusive and compassionate world.


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