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Objects With Narratives' Recap of PAD Paris 2023  'Out of the blue'
Objects With Narratives booth set up at PAD Paris 2023 is unified by the colour blue
Image: Studio Brinth

Objects With Narratives' Recap of PAD Paris 2023 'Out of the blue'

The exhibition, which was held at Jardin Les Tuilleries from March 29 to April 2, 2023 for PAD Paris, attempted to revive ancient typologies in modern contexts.

by Objects With Narratives
Published on : May 04, 2023

PAD Paris - loved by collectors and renowned for its collectible and historical objects, offers the perfect opportunity to exhibit a body of work that can easily withstand the test of time. For Objects With Narratives, the starting point for the curation was thus to revive historical typologies by contemporising them, leaving a timeless aesthetic behind.

Exhibited at Jardin Les Tuilleries, Paris from March 29 to April 2, 2023, the booth resembled the typology of the room that was historically celebrated, yet had lost its appeal over the past few years: the bedroom. The mysterious, dark, and abstract bedroom offers the perfect background for the dreamy objects it occupies: from a large bed with a complimentary closet, room divider, mirror, and candleholders; to a reading corner with a chaise longue, light sculptures, and even a bar cabinet for a good night’s rest.

The gallery requested 10 acclaimed artists to design new and unique works in their favourite material. Each designer had carte blanche yet with one condition that ties all the objects together. Everything is unified by the colour of the night, the surreal and the unnatural: blue. 

Group exhibition with Alissa Volchkova, Jan Ernst, Justin Morin, Laurids Gallée, Lukas Cober, Mircea Anghel, Pierre De Valck, Six N. Five, Ward Wijnant and William Guillon.

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