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Objects With Narratives presents Laurids Gallée's ethereal works at MDW 24
(L) Ceiling suspended light by Laurids Gallée, (C ) Designer Laurids Gallée, (R ) Ice Blue console
Image: Courtesy of Objects With Narratives

Objects With Narratives presents Laurids Gallée's ethereal works at MDW 24

Laurids Gallée's exhibition at Milan Design Week 2024 showcases resin-crafted designs, captivating viewers with playful light choreography and meticulous craftsmanship.

by Objects With Narratives
Published on : Apr 18, 2024

Laurids Gallée's solo exhibition titled Hazy Gymnastics presented by the gallery Objects with Narratives, takes centre stage at Baranzate Ateliers during Milan Design Week 2024. The design exhibition captivates visitors of the design fair with its ethereal beauty and intricate craftsmanship. Consisting of seven distinct lighting and furniture designs crafted for the gallery, each piece showcases Gallee's masterful use of translucent resin to choreograph light in mesmerising ways.

Within each furniture and lighting design, light dances playfully, casting beams, gleams, and glints that evoke a sense of mischief and allure. Whether illuminated by natural light or enhanced by embedded fixtures, Gallee's expertise in working with resin is unmistakable, evident in the seamless interplay between light and material in his product designs.

The resin serves as a transformative medium, skillfully refracting and diffusing illumination to create a natural and organic ambience. Soft, gentle light filters through the resin, accentuating the meticulous craftsmanship and deliberate colour selection employed in each piece. During the design At the design festival, this interplay of light invites viewers into a captivating world, where the allure of each artwork is enhanced by the enchanting dance of light and the artist's thoughtful craftsmanship.

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