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Nilufar Gallery unveils the 'Open Edition' collection in Mexico City's Art Week 2024
Nilfuar Gallery at the home of Pedro Ramírez Vàzquez
Image: Alejandro Ramirez Orozco

Nilufar Gallery unveils the 'Open Edition' collection in Mexico City's Art Week 2024

Celebrating design legacies and creative dialogues, Nilufar Gallery along with cc-tapis, presents this collection at the iconic residence of architect Pedro Ramírez Vàzquez.

by Nilufar Gallery
Published on : Feb 10, 2024

Nilufar Gallery in collaboration with rug company cc-tapis will participate in Mexico City’s Art Week 2024, in a showcase conceived by design retailer Studio 84 and staged at the home of Mexican architect Pedro Ramírez Vàzquez. 

The art gallery will introduce selections from the Open Edition collection comprising an assortment of meticulously crafted sofas, dining tables, carpets and lighting designs curated by Nina Yashar founder of Nilufar Gallery, marking the official inauguration of Studio 84 as a premier retailer for Nilufar's creations in Mexico City. Introduced in 2023, the Open Edition collection goes beyond encapsulating Nilufar’s distinct taste and reflects Yashar’s desire to provide enthusiasts worldwide with the chance to embrace pieces that were conventionally confined by limited editions or one-off creations. The pieces from Open Edition showcased at the exhibition include the Necklace ceiling lamp made from glass by furniture design studio Analogia Project, the Piero wall lamps by lighting designer Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt, the Tenet and Mensa tables by furniture and interior designer Filippo Carandini, the Levitation Alchemia vases by Paris based designer Sophie Dries and a selection of modular low-seating sofas, low tables and armchairs by duo design studio david/nicolas.

Studio 84 has chosen Ramirez Vasquez’s residence as the venue for the 2024 showcase. One of the most prolific 20th-century Mexican architects, Pedro Ramírez Vàzquez (Mexico City, 1919-2013) is celebrated for his modernist style and significant contributions to the country's urban landscape. The installation unveils a curated fusion of Nilufar and cc-tapis, staged across multiple ambiences of the house. “I am honoured to have been welcomed into someone's home, invited to linger and be heard. Javier recalls his father Pedro Ramírez Vàzquez as a captivating conversationalist, and I see this showcase as a tribute to that legacy. Design, at its core, is a dialogue — about society, and the convergence of eras, routines and aspirations. Moreover, it is a conversation that must unfold among its creators. This collaboration provides exactly that opportunity, affirming that the timeline of design is endlessly unfolding, navigating an imprecise and concurrently precise path through time. This scenario offered the ideal opportunity to announce our collaboration with Studio 84, whose work I've always admired and consider to be representative of our values," shares Yashar.

The collaboration converges diverse and distinct expressions from the design and architecture disciplines within a space that appears to magically transcend conventional constraints of time and space. The resonance deepens as this is essentially a lived-in home where for this occasion it generously welcomes foreign objects as living witnesses of other cultures, ideas and periods. It is an example of the dynamic and collaborative power of creativity, perpetuating the relevance and evolution of design. 

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