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Gal Gaon crafts 'SIX' a series of wooden collide tables
‘SIX’, a new design series of wooden collide tables
Image: Courtesy of Nilufar Gallery

Gal Gaon crafts 'SIX' a series of wooden collide tables

Nilufar Gallery and Gal Gaon present 'SIX' a series of wooden collide tables inspired by geometry and the natural phenomenon of crystals.

by Nilufar Gallery
Published on : Apr 12, 2023

Nilufar Gallery and Gal Gaon, architect and designer from Tel Aviv, Israel are happy to introduce ‘SIX’, a new design series of wooden collide tables at Milan Design Week 2023. At the heart of this collection lies the innovative use of two colliding ellipsis stretches to create the legs of a dining table that span up to 6 meters in length. Initiated in 2022, this new collide table is stretching the boundaries of classic dining tables into the realm of new sizes. A dreamy table crafted from the finest quality of wood, each piece is a work of art on its own. The tabletops are carefully cut, and hand curved into an elegant ellipse shape, floating on the tops of three dual legs leaving a touch of sophistication to any space. Creating a dynamic and visually intriguing silhouette that immediately draws the eye, the two ellipses' cross legs are the signature of this collection owing to Gaon’s philosophical approach mixes natural aesthetics and organic shapes with man-made high-end craftsmanship. Their collision is perfectly executed, resulting in a seamless and stable connection between the legs and the tabletop.

With the use of dark American walnut, stretching the geometry and deriving from the world of the natural phenomenon of crystals, Gaon is interpreting a new way to work with wood as a natural material to emphasize a ‘non-natural’ setting, turning daily objects into iconic pieces, staying true to his practice targetting a minimalistic approach. At the heart of this series, there is a deep appreciation of the nature of cosmic physicality of the nature of collision: the moment from which all new things arrive. This is the moment in the world of design VS art, nature VS man mad, and technology vs craftsmanship.

This new series is introducing to architects and designers the ability to play with the colliding family of pieces in a wide range of uses and visual signatures. The use of wood brings warmth and natural beauty to the furniture design, making it perfect for both contemporary and classic interiors. What sets SIX apart from other tables on the market is its striking and unconventional leg design that enables the design to stretch to any commission size. So every client has a unique piece tailored to their own will. SIX is the perfect example of the magnitude of size for these tables that Gaon is dealing with in the last years. As an architect, he is playing with the scale and volume of his unique tables giving each one of them a unique sculptural signature. 

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