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'Chromatic Stance' celebrates the vibrant interplay of colour, form and posture
Chromatic Stance exhibition at the Tuleste Factory in Chelsea
Image: Courtesy of Matthew Gordon Studio

'Chromatic Stance' celebrates the vibrant interplay of colour, form and posture

Showcasing a vibrant visual journey, the exhibition Chromatic Stance lines up a diverse array of artworks by new artists who are a part of the art and design gallery.

by Tuleste Factory
Published on : Jun 22, 2024

Chromatic Stance, on display till July 31, 2024, at the Tuleste Factory in Chelsea, is a captivating show that celebrates the dynamic interplay of colour, form and posture in various artistic mediums. This unique showcase features a diverse range of artworks, including paintings, lighting designs, sculptural art, tapestries, furniture design, and other colourful creations that promise to mesmerise and inspire.

Curated by Satu and Celeste Greenberg, the founders of the art gallery, Chromatic Stance invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world of art and design where every hue, every shape and every gesture tells a story. From bold and vibrant canvases that pulsate with energy to intricate tapestries woven full of emotion, this exhibition promises to be a feast for the senses.

Attendees can expect to encounter a stunning array of works that push the boundaries of traditional art forms, offering fresh perspectives on the relationship between colour and posture. Whether you are drawn to the subtle nuances of a sculpture or the dramatic impact of a lighting installation, the art exhibition promises to ignite your imagination and evoke a sense of wonder.

This show will focus on new lighting designers, artists and furniture designers part of the gallery such as Belén Ordovás, Dean & Dahl, Haris Fazlani, Jerry Ross Barrish, Lucia Neamtu, Lyora Pissarro, Miranda Makaroff, Paul Sende and Roham Shamekh. Some other works included in the exhibition are by Andean, Brad Fisher, Brandi Howe, Diaphan, Facture, Ian Cochran, Jon James, Joseph Conrad-Ferm, Ruvan Wijesooriya, Sol Bailey Barker, Sten Studio, Timbur and Yonathan Moore.

The exhibition celebrates the power of chromatic postures and embarks on a visual journey that transcends boundaries and defies expectations. Chromatic Stance is not just an art show, it is an experience that invites viewers to see the world in a new light.

'Chromatic Stance' is on view from May 2 - July 31, 2024.

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