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'Art for Good' by AKKA Project employs art as a medium for the spirit of giving
Art for Good by AKKA Project
Image: Courtesy of AKKA Project

'Art for Good' by AKKA Project employs art as a medium for the spirit of giving

The online exhibition by AKKA Project, merges art and philanthropy, selling curated artworks to support 'Noor Dubai' and create a positive social impact.

by AKKA Project
Published on : Nov 29, 2023

AKKA Project proudly announces its upcoming artistic endeavour, an online exhibition titled Art for Good, a unique convergence of artistic excellence and philanthropy. This virtual showcase will feature a curated collection of artworks available for exclusive purchase. Forty percent of the proceeds from the sale of exhibited artworks will benefit 'Noor Dubai', a charity foundation based in Dubai, dedicated to preventing and treating individuals with low vision or visual impairments in underserved communities, embodying the spirit of compassion and generosity.

Art for Good aims to raise awareness about the intersection of art and social impact. This exclusive online exhibition by the art gallery will run from November 27 to December 11, 2023, offering art enthusiasts a remarkable opportunity to acquire exceptional pieces while actively contributing to a meaningful philanthropic endeavour. This symbiotic blend of art and philanthropy creates a virtuous support cycle, turning each brushstroke into a force for positive change.

More than just an art exhibitionArt for Good celebrates art and design as a transformative power and the spirit of giving. The carefully curated collection showcases masterpieces from talented artists, each carrying the essence of creativity and a commitment to improving the world. The limited run of the exhibition adds an element of urgency, inviting individuals to be part of something extraordinary and time-sensitive.

Through the charity exhibition, AKKA Project not only demonstrates a deep sensitivity to the transformative power of art but also reaffirms its unwavering dedication to merging the beauty of art with the compassion of philanthropy. It shows how the world of creativity can be a catalyst for meaningful change. 

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