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Nada Debs launches e-commerce platform for Middle Eastern wares
Some homeware products designed by Nada Debs
Image: Courtesy of Nada Debs

Nada Debs launches e-commerce platform for Middle Eastern wares

The Lebanese designer aims to take forward her aim of promoting regional crafts in the international sphere through this virtual platform.

by Nada Debs
Published on : Jun 24, 2022

Nada Debs, known for always advocating and designing both products and spaces that are culturally fluent and contemporaneously appropriate, recently announced the launch of her e-commerce website. Through this new initiative, her eponymous studio has now joined the ranks of various luxury brands that operate in the realm of home furnishings, furniture design and interior design. “Our home accessories are considered luxury gifting items, as they are meticulously created using noble materials and crafts that have stood the test of time,” says Debs about this launch that brings her vision to the global stage.

Always conscious about keeping her cultural connections intact, Debs infuses her designs with a particularly Arabian identity. An entrepreneur and custodian for craft communities in the Middle East region, Debs has always intended to empower the artisans who continue to carry their familial crafts and traditions into the next generation. By combining these traditional techniques and methods of craftsmanship with modern forms and aesthetics, she manages to chisel out items that carry a unique ‘Neo-Arabian’ identity. It is this contemporary take on traditional craft techniques such as marquetry, geometric patterns, mother-of-pearl accents, tin inlay, hand-carved detailing and hand-blown glassmaking that saturate her otherwise contemporary designs with soulfulness. A mix of the old and new ensures familiarity without the loss of relevance.

Propelling her desire to preserve the culture of regional crafts onto a global stage, Debs has now launched this platform that will serve the dual purpose of a virtual showcase and a marketplace. A showcase of these designs and items in an internationally accessible space will help disseminate these local traditions and crafts across the globe, and will thus prevent the death of archaic customs and heritage. “Every collection has a story behind it, and with our online launch, we want to relay the experience and essence of craft and design to our clients. I want people to know the quality and attention given to each product by skilled artisans and to share this sentiment of supporting a world driven by conscious consumerism, sustainability, and a neo-Arabian identity,”says Nada, who now divides her time between Lebanon and Dubai.

Her e-commerce site will host a wide range of objects such as trays, lamps, tableware, furniture, accent pieces and personal gift accessories. With the availability of reaching all places around the world through a global logistic hub centred in UAE, this new site will tend to a large crowd despite their cultural and geographical locations. “Through the site, our clients will have greater accessibility to purchase all our products as it offers a taste of home to expats living abroad, while also appealing to a wider international audience. This is how we are able to create a sustainable future through innovative craft techniques that keep evolving with time,” says Nada. She hopes to build on the concept of ‘slow craft for a fast world’ internationally and further the practice and meaningful gifting and sustainable materialism.

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