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Exhibition Details


Following the AKKA Project Venice Artist Residency program of 2021, we are thrilled to reveal the residency outcome by announcing Cyrus Kabiru's solo exhibition. The exhibition consists of works produced during Cyrus’ stay in Venice from August 25 - October 31, 2021 as well as works created in his studio in Nairobi with Venicitan found objects that he has carried with him to Kenya. Inspired by found objects from his local landscape, Nairobi Kenya, Cyrus took on the enriching experience within the city of Venice, using found objects and materials to reflect both the city and his intriguing style. Cyrus's chosen medium of expression emphasizes the concept of repurposing and his nostalgic connection to humble objects around him. Best known for his self-portraits and C-stunners, Cyrus's work reflects his standpoint providing viewers with a fresh set of lenses. Kabiru's artwork is included in many private and public collections, lately the artwork titled "Miyale Ya Blue". Has been acquired by The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) New York.

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