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Tortona Rocks explores the new approaches that are revolutionising the world of design. The Fuorisalone in the Tortona district echoes with new sounds, proposing an event programme that overturns conventional codes and perspectives. 
Featured this season is 1st, the IKEA exhibition; Archiproducts Milano with a project by Studiopepe; NOROO Group’s collab with street artist Okuda San Miguel, and Preciosa Lighting, a project that fuses the uniqueness of bohemian crystal with modern technology. The ninth Tortona Rocks event celebrates the return of signature furniture design to the Tortona district, with a selection of international companies that demonstrate how furniture is a fertile terrain for the cross-contamination of tradition, research, materials and contemporary design.
The hybridisation of disciplines, the appropriation of unorthodox elements, the constant use of new tools, as well as a budding revolution in “executive practices, create an unusual juxtaposition between design and music; a linguistic short-circuit that is both alluring and alienating all at the same time. 
This is precisely where the ninth Tortona Rocks event focuses its attention; a synthesis that reflects on the experiences of the past few years to the present day, outlining a stage of prelude, an incomplete tuning stage that overturns conventional codes and perspectives
From artificial intelligence to environmental responsibility, multiple themes play a part in this prelude to the world of tomorrow. A territory with uncertain confines that sounds with the echo of a new acoustic energy.
Tortona Rocks reaffirms itself as a select hotbed for new design languages, an ever-changing stage that amplifies and enters into dialogue with the post-modern essence of the Tortona district.
Aqua project by Studiopepe
Hong Chul Wonderland by Noroo
Crystal Beat 2 by Preciosa
Building with the Sun by Sun Appeal
The Opificio 31 exhibition trail, an authentic hotbed of design in Milan, winds through the Via Savona and Via Tortona districts, creating an assemblage of content and inspiration through a selection of global-facing companies and exhibitions that provide a heterogeneous snapshot of a design world that looks to the future, beyond the confines of the present day approach to design. 
Asso di Picche in Movimento
The Prism
Corian® Design
Before Vintage
Black Tie - A collection established by the visionary Pier Luigi Frighetto

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