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Superdesign Show, the iconic event by Superstudio that has been at the forefront of creating the Tortona Design District phenomenon since 2000, is gearing up to unveil its 2024 edition. This year, it invites exhibitors and visitors to explore new horizons and embrace the challenge of a different way of thinking.
The event is a tapestry of revisited traditions, virtual worlds, humanized technologies, respect for nature, regenerated materials, inclusive choices, ethics, and aesthetics. With the participation of 11 nations, involvement across 3 continents, the collaboration of over 80 companies, and the presentation of nearly 40 cutting-edge projects, the Superdesign Show once again positions itself as an essential unmissable meeting point for designers, companies, and enthusiasts. 
In the meantime, Milan, the Capital of Design, is about to enter the Design Week with a detailed analysis and an updated mapping of the Milanese “design system”, which is becoming increasingly extensive and influential in every sector. This initiative, a project of Salone del Mobile curated by the Politecnico di Milano and shared with all Fuorisalone realities, highlights Superstudio’s pioneering role
The theme of the year, “THINKING DIFFERENT - everything, everywhere, everyone”, is a clear call to showcase the best of international design within the Superstudio Più venue in Milan, expanding its reach into unusual areas, considering various types of users, blending the local DNA of different countries with the global desires of citizens worldwide. The aim is to imagine new domestic, urban, and social scenarios
In the awareness that everything can be reinvented, the challenge is to think outside the box. This bold theme also guides Giulio Cappellini, the event’s art director, in choosing an uncommon color for the walls of the Superdesign Show. An unusual bright green that speaks of nature, peace, serenity, and joy.
The number of Asian countries participating in the Superdesign Show continues to grow, forming a strong and stimulating core this year as well.
TOKYO CREATIVE SALON aims to establish the city as a global hub of creativity
Slow Hand Design Thailand by DITP highlights the enchanting Thai culture
Past-new: Harnessing both time-honored methods and cutting-edge research, several Japanese companies are showcasing their evolutionary journey at the Superdesign Show. 
George P. Johnson Japan / Yutaka introduces an anthropomorphic sculpture, urging people to be thinkers, embrace multiple perspectives and resist the deluge of information that pervades.
Slow Time: The project by Japan Tobacco Inc. encourages visitors to take a break and relax through its “humanized” cushions that breathe with you
In the three Virtual Points created by the Superstudio digital division, visitors are invited to engage with a widespread digital experience where holograms, metaverse, avatars, artificial intelligence, and immersive environments are the main attractions. 
SURTECO project - An example of the potential of virtual reality to transform our interaction with space and products.
Hybridization. HABITS DESIGN - Envisions a near future where technology develops a keen emotional and perceptive intelligence, almost human-like.
PIXOM - Finds a way to blend sustainable materials, generative design, AI, and 3D printing with robotics.
Rafael Lanfranco celebrates his origins with his small Peruji, transporting Peruvian and Latin American archetypes into the modernity of Pop Art.
Kevin Chu ’s lamp for Creazione SUGO, coupled with Andrea Cingoli’s inventive furniture designs for Concepticon, introduces art into the Asian area.  
Daniele Cima poses a daring challenge with his ‘ Why not?’ – offering 42 different graphic interpretations translated into languages from around the globe. 
An exhibition of Flavio Lucchini’s diverse period works delves into the extensive expressive possibilities of black.
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  • By Gisella Borioli. Artistic direction - Giulio Cappellini. Coordination - Laura Vella. Produced by - Superstudio Event
  • Rafael Lanfranco
  • Kevin Chu
  • Andrea Cingoli
  • Mara Bragagnolo
  • and more