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The European Cultural Centre(ECC) announces that the seventh edition of Personal Structures will open in Venice, Italy, on the 20th of April and run until the 24th of November, 2024. The biennial contemporary art exhibition invites artists and multidisciplinary creatives from across the world to transform once again the historical venues of Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora and Marinaressa Gardens.
Considering the complex dynamics of the global society, Beyond Boundaries was chosen as the guiding title of the seventh edition of Personal Structures. The collective show will present itself not only as an exhibition, but also as a journey that will cross multiple boundaries – geographic, political, religious, cultural and artistic. While some physical and conceptual limits can mean comfort and safety – one's body, the lines on the road – the exhibition will aim to shift these constraints, to investigate what is beyond in order to see it from a different perspective.
By welcoming creative professionals from different cultural backgrounds, Personal Structures seeks to provide a rich tapestry of perspectives on the pressing challenges of current times. The group show will feature projects from international and emerging multimedia artists, photographers, sculptors, performers and academic institutions, that will articulate their visions, reflections, and responses to the multifaceted aspects of today’s society. 
Through paintings, sculptures, installations, and performances, exhibiting artists will navigate the intricate current global landscape, offering insights that extend beyond the conventional and open pathways to new conversations. The exhibition will become a testament of the richness that arises when diverse voices converge.
To inaugurate the seventh edition of Personal Structures, the European Culture Centre is organising a Welcome Event on the 18th April which will be open by invitation only. The ECC Team will take this opportunity to provide an overview of the contemporary art exhibition as well as introduce its participants. On this occasion, Amit Gupta, Founder and Editor in Chief of STIR, was invited to give a keynote speech highlighting the importance of bringing together artists from all over the world and reflecting on the current status of contemporary art, taking in consideration different cultural perspectives.

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