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The 8th edition of Isola Design Festival, organized by the digital and physical design platform Isola, will welcome visitors during Milan Design Week, from 15 to 21 April 2024.
Venturing into new locations such as Lampo Milano, WAO PL7, and Galleria Bonelli within the Isola Design District that were never opened during Milan Design Week, Isola is set to turn these hidden gems into prominent hotspots. These and many other venues will point towards the future of design and cultivate an atmosphere of creativity and exchange throughout the entire neighborhood. 
Isola’s annual theme titled “This Future is Currently Unavailable” for 2024 is a statement to provoke action, launching a call to all designers to imagine how design and new craftsmanship can shape the future. At the core of the vaste programme of Isola Design Festival 2024 are three main hubs, Lampo Milano, WAO PL7, and Stecca 3.0, and five shows curated by Isola’s curatorial team led by Elif Resitoglu(creative director of Isola Design Group) and guest curators.
Lampo Milano exhibitions:
Isola Design Gallery focusing on collectible design, unique designs with a narrative, Dutch design and contemporary products crafted by independent designers and design studios from all over the world.
Is One Life Enough? features a curated selection of collectible pieces and market-ready products crafted using sustainable materials and circular methods. It sparks a dialogue on the countless possibilities within a human, product, and material lifetime while showcasing ways to infuse new life into products designed for a single life cycle.
Lampo Milano will serve as the venue for the Isola Design Store and Media Corner, and a dedicated space for Talks and Panel Discussions. 
Always Welcome Agile ‘HUT’ Project by Circular Squared
Blueground by ASA & Alberto Vallesi Design Studio x La Pietra Compattata
Senziente by Jonathan Bocca
The Future Will be Sown by Made in Earth Collective
CIELI by Cavaliere Atelier
“Re-campaign" reused advertising canvases tell a "new" story by studio mo man tai
Inside the Galleria Bonelli (Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi 6), Isola will showcase the following - 
Anatolia -  Inspired by the great crossroads of ancient civilizations, the show, co-curated with Grob, will highlight Anatolian design and will have an atmosphere reminiscent of the Silk Road. 
Routes to Roots, will be a journey through designs from MENA regions and the world that preserve heritage and the Earth.
Together with Routes to Roots two more shows have been conceived by Isola Studio, Around the Table and Urban Jungle by Monkey 47: 
Isola is the world’s first digital and physical platform bringing visibility to independent designers and design studios, by connecting them to design professionals, companies, curators, journalists, and potential clients. Its dedicated curatorial team selects projects with a focus on sustainability, innovation, and handcraft.

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