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Andreu World, the international contemporary furniture company, arrives in Milan with the launch of its first showroom in the Italian city. The new space will open its doors on 17 April, coinciding with Milan Design Week, to become the brand’s meeting point for clients, professionals and visitors to the city of Milan. The showroom promises to captivate audiences with new collections by acclaimed designers Patricia Urquiola and Benjamin Hubert, while also championing environmental responsibility through their Circular Design Challenge initiative.
With the unveiling of new collections by renowned designers Patricia Urquiola and Benjamin Hubert, Andreu World continues to push the boundaries of sustainable design. Urquiola’s collection showcases her signature blend of functionality and aesthetics, with an emphasis on using recycled and renewable materials. Hubert’s designs, on the other hand, explore innovative approaches to sustainable manufacturing processes, highlighting the potential for circularity in design.
Introducing the Circular Design® Challenge
One of the most exciting initiatives to be launched at Andreu World’s showroom during Milan Design Week is the Circular Design Challenge. This challenge invites designers from around the world to submit proposals for furniture designs that prioritize circularity and sustainability. 
The aim of the Circular Design Challenge is to foster creativity while also promoting responsible design practices. Participants are encouraged to think beyond traditional linear models of production and consumption, instead focusing on creating designs that are regenerative and environmentally friendly.
A Call to Action
As attendees explore Andreu World's showroom and experience the latest collections by Urquiola and Hubert, they are also encouraged to join the movement towards a more sustainable future. Whether through supporting eco-conscious designers, advocating for policy changes, or making more informed consumer choices, each individual has the power to drive positive change.
Andreu World’s showroom at Milan Design Week promises to be a celebration of sustainability, creativity, and innovation. With new collections by Patricia Urquiola and Benjamin Hubert, as well as the launch of the Circular Design Challenge, attendees can expect to be inspired and motivated to join the movement towards a more sustainable design future.
Meet the Designer
Patricia Urquiola - April 16, 5:30 PM 
Benjamin Hubert - April 17, 6:30 PM
Panel Discussion
Circular Design and Positive Impact - April 18, 6:30 PM

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