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Khaled El Mays creates an enchanting jungle for Nilufar Gallery at Supersalone 2021

Khaled El Mays creates an enchanting jungle for Nilufar Gallery at Supersalone 2021

by STIRpad
Published on : Sep 10, 2021

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2021, Nilufar Gallery presents new installations within its Milan gallery. Nina Yashar offers an eclectic selection of projects and unique pieces to tell once again the beauty of design and contemporary art through her meticulous research. "The design week 2021 edition is very dear to me: it marks a new beginning, a way to meet after a while and talk together on trends, industry discoveries and new ways of collaborating. These months have allowed us to reflect on work, to go deeper into projects and to do research together with the designers," says Nina Yashar.

The jungle set up for Caveau at Nilufar Gallery is an array of flora and fauna visions, topics of exploration of the studio since 2017

The series of objects tackle design and nature on many levels starting from the conceptual nucleus to the production line and the visual display and juxtapositions created. At the conceptual level, the objects are trying to recreate nature, to freeze moments of natural beauty and morph them into usable objects that are visually balanced and tactile. Each piece of furniture tells a little story, playing a small role in the whole. You have the elephant, the snake the flowers, the mountain. All pieces are hand-made and hand handled asserting a way of creating that is craft and craftsman conscious.

The materials used are an array of wood, leather, Rafia, wicker and thread all intertwining in intricate ways in order to reflect the complexity of the nature of the objects and by default nature itself

The signatures mixes and details in the materials and the forms have been developed thoroughly borrowing nodes not only from nature itself but also from design objects belonging to a past time and reimagining their existence and function in a present where everything is possible.

The approach to design tackles the possibility of a primitive future in furniture production that puts the human hand forefront and make it a key and defining element in the production process.

Jungle Collection by – Khaled El Mays

at Nilufar Depot, Viale Lancetti, 34 – Milan

From September 7th , 10AM — 7PM


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