Design Burger to host illustrated interviews at Isola
Kickie Chudikova’s sketch responses to text prompts
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Design Burger

Design Burger to host illustrated interviews at Isola

Design Dialogues, a new format of conducting interviews, will engage the likes of Michael Young, Karim Rashid, Kickie Chudikova as well as physical visitors and online viewers at Milan Design Week 2022.

by Almas Sadique
Published on : May 31, 2022

Digital design media platform Design Burger will soon host a unique exhibition ‘Design Dialogues’ under Isola design district at Milan Design Week 2022. The event, distinctive in its conception and presentation, will feature a series of provoking sketch interviews with ten renowned designers along with some of their archived products and will remain on display from 7 June to 12 June 2022 at the Candy Snake Gallery in Milan, Italy. The designers whose sketches will be displayed during the event include Michael Young, Karim Rashid, Kickie Chudikova, who will also be showcasing ‘Insectum’ at Alcova, Yeongkyu Yoo, Tim Rundle, Sebastian Bergne, Ionna Vautrin, Hideki Yoshimoto and the duo Luke Pearson & Tom Lloyd.

Apart from displaying previously conducted interview sketches, the gallery space will also platform several live interview sessions where questions will be posed in the form of text prompts and answers will be delivered in a rough sketch format. The exposition will also feature a physical sketching experience and its virtual counterpart, both of which will be open for the public and will beget a range of on-site creations during the Italian design fair. By suffusing the journalistic chore of interviewing with the artistic element of each designer, this physical-virtual exhibition will effectively present an alternate method of conducting talks in order to source more interesting presentations.

Karim's inspiration behind his work Image: Courtesy of Design Burger
Karim Rashid's essential carry objects Image: Courtesy of Design Burger

Design Burger, founded in 2018, is a platform dedicated to curating the best of industrial design from around the globe. By platforming both established designers and creatives as well as up and coming independent designers and design students, they have built an ecosystem that fosters tangible connections between consultancies and creatives, motivates designers through consistent and engaging content dissemination, and presents creative stories in an innovative manner. Design Dialogues was originally initiated by Design Burger as a series that attempts to present interviews in a manner that’s original, informal and visually stimulating. The sketches that came out of this series lent an uncharacteristic and original view of the unique personalities that hide behind the creative oeuvre of designers.

Kickie Chudikova’s response to one of the prompts Image: Courtesy of Design Burger
Kickie Chudikova’s response to ‘Favourite art gallery or museum?’ Image: Courtesy of Design Burger

This homegrown series by Design Burger will now feature as a special exhibition at the design festival this June. Sketches by the ten designers in response to various prompts such as ‘A self portrait’, ‘Dream home location?’, ‘The perfect weekend’, ‘Favourite Food’ and ‘The view from the studio’ will be displayed at the Milanese gallery and will serve as snippets of each designer’s life, thoughts, desires and hopes. The event will also engage audiences through giveaways and competitions running throughout the design week.

Sketch promo of the exhibition Image: Courtesy of Design Burger

The ‘Design Dialogues’ exhibition will remain open from 7 June to 12 June (11 AM - 7 PM) at the Candy Snake Gallery in Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi 6 – 20159 Milano.

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