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Artemide showcase their antiviral ultraviolet Integralis range at Design London
Artemide, courtesy London Design Festival 2021
Photo Credit: Artemide, courtesy London Design Festival 2021

Artemide showcase their antiviral ultraviolet Integralis range at Design London

by STIRpad
Published on : Sep 24, 2021

Running from 22-25 September, Design London will be housed in a brand new venue, Magazine London, on the Greenwich Peninsula, just a short walk from North Greenwich Station and the creative new Design District. The show brings together a highly curated selection of cutting-edge brands, from emerging talent to established design leaders, countless collaborations as well as a comprehensive talks programme. The venue will house a multitude of global design brands including an abundance of esteemed Italian manufacturers such as Artemide. Artemide is one of the most known illumination brands in the world. Known for its "The Human Light" philosophy, Artemide boasts high skills in light design and innovation, with products originating from research and high-quality manufacturing. The Italian lighting company, is presenting new products from Bjarke Ingels (BIG) and Neri&Hu, as well as show their antiviral ultraviolet Integralis range alongside a selection of iconic pieces.


Integralis is an innovative light, perfectly integrated into the products of the Artemide collections, that sanitizes spaces. It combines sanitizing efficacy with luminous performance and design beauty and also integrates itself in both the environments and moments of life by interpreting the rhythms and needs of mankind and is managed by Artemide App, a digital interaction system accessible to all.

The project associates and integrates the visible and invisible spectral range in an innovative formula capable of regenerating the environmental qualities of the space. It is a light spectrum that can act against pathogenic microorganisms in the environment by just illuminating them. Integralis is a range of lighting solutions that protect human health helping people to live spaces more safely. Environmental quality extends today beyond the theme of perception and physiological well-being. It reduces the microbiotic load of surfaces for a healthy space that takes care of everyday life.

With the revolutionary lighting technology Integralis, Artemide provides a direct response to the current events of our time. In line with Artemide's humanistic and social values, Integralis is a proprietary lighting solution that protects people's most valuable asset: their health.


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