antoniolupi and Gumdesign launch a collection of 25 abstract carpets
Volumi carpets displayed on walls appear like abstract art pieces
Photo Credit: Courtesy of antoniolupi

antoniolupi and Gumdesign launch a collection of 25 abstract carpets

The Volumi carpet line bears monochromatic rectilinear shapes interrupted by pops of terracotta red

by STIRpad
Published on : Jan 20, 2022

Italian home furnishing brand, antoniolupi recently launched Volumi, a collection of 25 carpets designed by Gumdesign. “Vertical, horizontal, oblique lines intertwine with colored backgrounds and generate unexpected spaces and perspectives, geometries that chase each other in a contrast between white, black and the antoniolupi color palette,” said Gumdesign, the Italian studio that is responsible for designing the Volumi carpets. Gumdesign is a multidisciplinary design studio that works on projects ranging from architecture and interior design to product design and research.

The Volumi carpets add playfulness in the the spaces they occupy Image: Courtesy of antoniolupi
Slanted lines and geometries on the carpets imbue them with 3D effect Image: Courtesy of antoniolupi

The design of the carpets bear rectilinear geometries that have been arranged to form disproportionate but balanced compositions. The terracotta red colour against the black and white palette of the carpets further adds dynamism to the pieces and serves as an attractive element. It also sets the Volumi carpets apart from Gumdesign’s previous monochromatic carpet collection, Tramato.

The Volumi carpets can adorn walls just as smoothly as they can occupy floors Image: Courtesy of antoniolupi

The shapes and patterns on the carpets are arranged in such a manner that they reflect 3D effects, often playing with the viewer’s perception. In doing so, they also possess the ability to make the space around them appear larger or smaller. The compositions of each of these carpets is unique enough to double as an accessory piece that can adorn the interior walls just as easily as they can transform the floors that they are laid on.

The monochromatic aesthetic on the carpets makes them versatile enough to occupy all kinds of indoor spaces Image: Courtesy of antoniolupi

Rather than uniformly filling the voids on the carpets with the same patterns and colours, the designers have placed contrasting colours and lines adjacent to each other, adding depth and dimension to them, while also making them look like abstract artworks that can adorn spaces without occupying any extra space. This feature, accompanied by their simplistic design aesthetic and subtle make renders the carpets extremely suitable for modern and contemporary homes. The versatile carpets are impactful as both standalone pieces and as a collective set inhabiting every room in the house.


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