SPACE10 x Tin & Ed create Kaleidoscopic Home for IKEA’s Everyday Experiments
Kaleidoscopic Home at SPACE10 gallery
Photo Credit: Seth Nicolas

SPACE10 x Tin & Ed create Kaleidoscopic Home for IKEA’s Everyday Experiments

Kaleidoscopic Home is a mix of organic and colourful shapes imbuing the space with playful energy

by STIRpad
Published on : Jan 12, 2022

SPACE10 recently collaborated with Australian designer duo Tin & Ed for the exhibition Kaleidoscopic Home, as part of IKEA’s Everyday Experiments, which is a digital platform that provides space for technological experimentation that may improve the indoor lives of people. The exhibition will remain open from 16 November 2021 to 30 April 2022 at SPACE10’s gallery.

Initially conceptualised as an augmented reality application by Tin & Ed, the physical counterpart of Kaleidoscopic Home is touted to cater to people from all ages. “Play is vital for children's mental, physical, and social development, but we believe it's just as crucial for people of all ages. We know that when adults play, it can relieve stress and increase emotional well-being. The aim for this exhibition is to show how an otherwise familiar room can be transformed into something unexpected, striking a playful balance between order and chaos, relaxation and stimulation,” shares Tin Nguyen from Tin & Ed about the initial inspiration behind this project.

The exhibition is designed as an interactive space that encourages people to explore the space rather than merely viewing it. This was done in an attempt to engage all the senses of the audience, a method that is often recognised as an effective way to induce positive physical and mental benefits in people.

While the virtual version of this project granted its users an interesting medium to reimagine the space around them with playful organic interventions, the physical version promises to enrich the experiences of the visitors by welcoming them to a colourful and intriguing space.

The organically shaped sculptural forms within the exhibition space come in different shapes and sizes and are placed in a manner that converts the large hall into a labyrinth, paving multiple interesting routes for its visitors and inviting them to bend and jump, crawl and run over and under the shapes. Emerging from the tables, chairs, floors, walls and ceilings of the hall, these organic shapes easily dominate the space and imbue it with a fun energy.

IKEA’s Everyday Experiments project, under which the Kaleidoscopic Home was born, was initially launched in 2020 as a digital space that invited studios and independent designers to ideate, experiment and share their designs publicly. Some of the other prominent projects helmed under Everyday Experiments include Virtual Oasis by FIELD.SYSTEMS, which takes users on a guided meditation journey using augmented reality; Algorithmic Chef by Osk, which uses object detection and artificial intelligence to create recipes from the ingredients in one’s kitchen and Forever Meadow by Pitch Studios, which offers meditative walking by triggering the creation of an endless garden around one’s moving feet.

Tin Nguyen and Edward Cutting or Tin & Ed are Australian artists and technologists who create installations that can traverse the boundaries of conventional art and utilise latest technological developments. Presently based in New York, their work is driven by a deep curiosity for the natural world.

The Kaleidoscopic Home exhibition will remain open from 16 November 2021 to 30 April 2022 at SPACE10’s Gallery, Flæsketorvet 10, 1711 København, Denmark.


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