Space Invaders collection by Stellar Works and Luca Nichetto
Stellar Works - Space Invaders by Luca Nichetto
Photo Credit: Anthony Reed

Space Invaders collection by Stellar Works and Luca Nichetto

Playful collections were showcased alongside designs by Michele De Lucchi, Sebastian Herkner and Neri&Hu

by STIRpad
Published on : Oct 14, 2021

Leading contemporary furniture brand Stellar Works has revealed Space Invaders, its first collaboration with multidisciplinary designer Luca Nichetto. Space Invaders is an eclectic collection of functional objects with bold characters. "Space Invaders is a perfect example of our mission at Nichetto Studio to show the beauty in function. The collection demonstrates our shared belief with Stellar Works in understanding the strengths and limitations of different techniques to give purpose to forms and ensure the enjoyment of the user,” shares designer Luca Nichetto.

Luminous Murano beads, solid wood and minimalist metal frames are combined to create a playful group of timeless design objects, able to 'invade' a variety of environments. The collection includes the Dhala table and floor lamp, the Hoba integrated table and lamp and the Lonar and Kaali trays.

With the same playfulness that characterises each piece in the Space Invaders collection, the Dhala table and floor lamps merge functionality with quality of materials and craftsmanship. Supported by a minimal metal frame, the lamps feature a series of colourful Murano glass beads, in a variety of different finishes that create an original modular design with stacked elements, while hidden LED strips give a warm glow from within the beads. With optional legs and both cable and rechargeable versions available, the Dhala lamp is a versatile and playful design for a multitude of environments.

The bold Hoba is a small table with an integrated lamp that juxtaposes different materials and shapes to create an unexpected combination. Hoba comprises a minimalist circular base supported by discreet legs connected to a symmetrical tabletop by a side column, creating a void 'invaded' by a Murano glass shade. Hiding inside LED stripes, it adds the functionality of a lamp, making Hoba a small table/lamp a timeless and surprising object enriched by a high quality of craftsmanship.

The Lonar tray references the shape of a yo-yo, featuring two circular plates with relief edges that are joined in the centre, creating a space between them that allows the tray to be comfortably gripped. Available in different colours, the Lonar trays can be stacked, to create a striking feature within a space.

The Kaali tray embodies all the qualities of the Space Invaders collection; objects devoted not only to invade the environment in which they are located but also composed of elements that are different in shape and materiality, which surprisingly mix and steal each other's space. The Kaali tray is made up of two parts: the first is an elegant and robust crescent-shaped body made from solid wood, which appears to be raised or supported by a colourful round base underneath; The 'invader' is anchored to the wood by a metal screw. As well as being a surprising and playful element, it also gives stability to the tray, making Kaali both a functional and decorative object.



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